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Rennes group

The Rennes geological group has been intimately involved in the development of new sedimentary facies models (storm, turbiditic deposits, F. Guillocheau, C. Robin) and concepts in high resolution sequence stratigraphy (predictive geometrical models of genetic units, F. Guillocheau). We have performed the synthesis of several intracratonic basins such as the Paris Basin, in order to test new concepts in sequence stratigraphy (3D accommodation space measurement, deciphering eustasy from various tectonic controls, C. Robin, S. Bourquin, F. Guillocheau). Since the end of the 1990s, we have developed a strong expertise on the relationships between deformation and sedimentation in various tectonic settings (gravitational normal faults along the Congo Margin, syn-sedimentary anticlines in the South Pyrenean foreland basin, gravitational systems of the Niger Delta, (C. Robin, F. Guillocheau). O. Dauteuil started to work five years ago on the uplift of passive margins, it causes and geomorphic consequences. He is currently managing one of the themes of the INSU "Action Marges".

Olivier DAUTEUIL: http://www.geosciences.univ-rennes1.fr/spip.php?rubrique48
François GUILLOCHEAU: http://www.geosciences.univ-rennes1.fr/spip.php?rubrique51
Cécile ROBIN: http://www.geosciences.univ-rennes1.fr/spip.php?rubrique39

Toulouse group

The Toulouse-Aix geological group has a strong background in surface tropical geodynamics (weathering geochemistry and geochronology, cratonic geology and mineral resources, tectonics, magnetostratigraphy, and continental sedimentology) as well as in paleoclimates reconstructions and modelling. Through the experience of the Research Institute for Development (IRD), which has conducted numerous studies on African lateritic systems in former French colonies and allied countries over the past 50 years, the LMTG and CEREGE labs have investigated the feedback relationships between laterite dynamics, continental denudation and vertical movements of the lithosphere in contrasted tectonic settings of the tropical belt (West Africa, New Caledonia, India). A. Beauvais is a specialist of laterite dynamics, probably the only French scientist covering the overall spectrum of expertise in field analysis, petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry and geochronology. D. Chardon, a tectonicist specialized in craton geodynamics at various crustal levels, has developed over the last 6 years an innovative approach using lateritic paleolandscapes as gauges of continental dénudation and epeirogeny. D. Rouby , a specialist of basin dynamics (interaction deformation-sedimentation in various context, source to sink and flexure of passive margin).

Gérôme CALVES: http://ups-tlse.academia.edu/G%C3%A9r%C3%B4meCalv%C3%A8s
Dominique CHARDON: http://www.get.obs-mip.fr/index.php/Annuaire/Chardon-Dominique
Delphine ROUBY: http://www.get.obs-mip.fr/index.php/Annuaire/Rouby-Delphine
Anicet BEAUVAIS: http://www.cerege.fr/?masque=inc-perso&id_rubrique=343

Grenoble group

The modelling aspects (surface transport, lithosphere deformation and mantle dynamics) will be coordinated by Jean Braun, an expert in numerical modelling of Earth processes, holder of an ANR Chaire d'Excellence Senior in Computational Geology, at the beginning at Rennes and now at Grenoble. He has extensive experience in the development of innovative numerical methods in crustal and lithospheric deformation and surface processes, and their application in many fields of the Earth Sciences.

Jean BRAUN : http://isterre.fr/spip.php?page=auteur&id_auteur=112

Cergy - Paris group

The Cergy geological group has an identified expertise on the following fields: kinematic: modelling of fold-thrust structures, analysis of relationships between tectonics, erosion, sedimentation and geomorphological analysis. The group has been active in North Africa (Maghreb) for at least 15 years. D. Frizon de Lamotte and P. Leturmy have numerous contacts and extensive field experiences in these countries. They are authors or co-authors of reference papers and books on the region. Additionally they are in close contact with the national oil companies in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya (giving an access to subsurface industrial data) and with academic researchers from the national universities. At the moment, the group has a research agreement with the TOTAL petroleum company focusing on the subsurface cartography of the Phanerozoic basins of the northern part of Africa.

The Paris 7 - IPGP group have great expertise in isotope geochemistry of weathering systems. J. Gaillardet has been working on the Congo river and has published the first papers dealing with the chemical composition of the sediments transported by the Congo and Niger rivers. He will be involved in geochemical analyses and the interprétation of the geochemical signal recorded in the sediments deposited in DSDP sites in South Africa in order to reconstruct the history of chemical weathering from the Cretaceous up to now.

Dominique FRIZON de LA MOTTE : Dominique.Frizon-de-Lamotte@u-cergy.fr
Jérôme GAILLARDET : http://www.ipgp.fr/~gaillard/jgweb/Gaillardet.Jerome.F/home.html

International partners

  SIFAR Group: http://www.cifar.ca/home
     Moucha, Rob: http://thecollege.syr.edu/profiles/pages/EAR_dev/Moucha-Robert.html
     Forte, Alex: http://scta.uqam.ca/personnel/28-alessandro-forte.html
     Busch, Andy: http://www.cmos.ca/BIO/abush.html
     Rowley, David: http://geosci.uchicago.edu/~rowley/Rowley/David_Rowley.html

  University of Glasgow
     Brown, Rod: http://www.ges.gla.ac.uk:443/staff/rbrown

Partners projects

  WAXI Consortium: http://www.waxi2.org/

  RIFTLINK : Rift dynamics, uplift and climate change_in Equatorial Africa (German Research Foundation - DFG): http://www.riftlink.de/

  SAMPLE : South Atlantic Margin Processes and Links with onshore Evolution (Priority Program 1375 of the German Research Foundation - DFG): http://www.sample-spp.de/

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